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In 2000, the U.S. print and visual media suddenly flooded the world with information about 'stem cell transplantation', presented it as a completely new field of medical science, and its gift to mankind.

There was no linkage to cell transplantation or cell therapy declared in 1931 in Switzerland by western medical historians as new medical treatment after the same took place in 1920’s in USSR. The question is why?

Dr. E. Michael Molnar has dedicated his life to the research of cell transplantation and has taken the time to write a paper duly named Fraud In Stem Cell Transplantation. In it he explains in detail the frauds associated with stem cell treatments and transplants. He dispels the myths and sets the standards for proper treatment using cell transplantation. Now download the paper Fraud in Stem Cell Transplantation, and get the facts.

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The paper you are about to download contains a substantial amount of information and is written for a professional audience. What the average patient needs to know is domumented below.

3 Very Important Facts

1. Cell therapy, cellular therapy and cell transplantation has been practiced, in Europe, for almost a century now.

2. U.S. authorities (in the year 2000) only approve cell therapy by human embryonic cell transplantation.(this alone has monumental consequences)

3. Embryonic cells are unusable for patient treatment due to their oncogenicity. This has been know for nearly 8 decades now.


Fact 1 :
If a physician or salesman shows you a vial with colored water, the vial will not contain any live cells. Cells can be seen with naked normal eye since they are stuck together in clusters.

Fact 2 :
If someone shows you a vintage vial covered with dust and cobwebs containing a beige powder, such vial will not contain any live cells.

Fact 3 :
If someone shows you a vial with frozen cells ask the question how are/were they frozen? If cells are flash frozen more than 95% of the cells will be dead.

Fact 4 :
It is extremely important to investigate where the cells for your transplant came from and how they were prepared. European countries have an excellent track record while most Asian countries deliver dead cells.

Fact 5 :
Be aware of websites that claim to have the mircle stem cells. Also note worthy; cell transplantation requires a miniumn manditory 4 day stay. In and out same day procedures fail 99.7% of the time.

Fact 6 :
If you decide to consult your own physician, make sure that you are asking a professional that actually knows something about stem cell transplantation. Most doctors know very little about this topic and others like to play God .

Fact 7 :
Beware that umbilical cord blood, or peripheral blood, contain only stem cells of hematopoietic and immune systems, as well as a very limited quantity of stem cells of mesenchyme. Therefore these cells are not effective for treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, digestive system, urinary system, respiratory system, genetic and chromosomal diseases, etc. They are limited to treatments for diseases of hematopoietic and immune systems.

Fact 8 :
The most serious fraud warning must be issued about the adult autologous stem cell therapy or fat stem cell therapy. The problem with this therapeutic method has been its limited usefulness and minimal effectiveness. Beware that adult autologous stem cells are as old as the patient is, and thereby their biological potential is limited.

Fact 9 :
Another fraud alert also involves adult autologous stem cell therapy or fat stem cell therapy. Advocates of fat stem cell therapy claim that after a micro liposuction procedure, the stem cells that are extracted are rejuvinated using Heliotherapy (shining a light). There is simply not enough clinical evidence to suggest its true.

Swiss Cell Therapy PTE does not condon Fat Stem Cell Therapy only warns that it is not the most effective treatment for diseases that are deemed untreatable, so money and time should be spent on more effective treatments.

Fact 10 :
Finally turning your own blood cells (by various laboratory procedures) into neurons, etc. We can only say this, the therapeutic effect of such hybrids has never been shown in human therapy. Again money and time is better spent on other alternative treatments.


Dr. E. Michael Molnar goes into more details concerning the scientific facts of cell therapy or cell transplantation in the section Summary of Scientific Facts which is also included in the document you will download above. As far as Stem Cell Therapy PTE is concerned everything in the document is important but nothing is more important than the statement below.

Scientific Fact :
Fetal precursor stem cells of animal fetal origin (specifically rabbits) are equally effective, and safer, for (stem) cell transplantation treatment. Thereby all troubles with human embryonic and fetal stem cells can be avoided, i.e. moral, ethical, religious, etc.

European medical professionals have performed cell xeno-transplantation in over 5 million patients during the last 80+ years. There has yet to be a single fatality, while there have been fatalities after human embryonic cell transplantats (allo-transplantation).


We have attempted, throughout this website, to provide our visitors with as much information as possible regarding cell therapy or cell transplantation. Most importantly to us is that the public is aware of the Frauds. We trust our visitors use this guide to help them make educated choices about their mental and physical health.

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