Treating Parkinsons Syndrome with stem cell transplantation


A treatment of advanced Parkinson's Syndrome, no longer responsive to L-dopa Therapy, by implantation of human fetal brain cells into the patient's brain, became a landmark in the history of cell transplantation when a series of such surgical procedures were carried out in Mexico City in the 1980's. The term neurotransplantation was coined for this treatment.


Treatment of neurological diseases has always been a sad chapter of modern medicine due to a lack of effective therapies for a great majority of the illnesses.

Parkinson's Syndrome has been a bright exception because of availability of L-dopa Therapy that controls symptoms of the disease quite well for several years. Unfortunately, every patient with Parkinson's Syndrome reaches a stage when medications that stimulate production of dopamine by neurons of the basal ganglia of the brain lose effectiveness, whereupon disability becomes severe. Ideally, before that happens, each patient is to receive cell transplantation.


Extensive experimental work on xeno-neurotransplantation in Moscow, in 2003, led to a discovery of clinical effectiveness of intrathecal implantation. There are two approaches to intrathecal implantation of brain cell transplants in human medicine:

  • via a lumbar puncture
  • via a ventricular tap

Lumbar puncture implantation is technically simple for any properly trained physician, while ventricular tap is simple for a neurosurgeon.


It is the least traumatic method of neurotransplantation, as there is minimal trauma to the brain tissues of the patient in the course of intraventricular implantation, and no trauma whatsoever when cells are implanted via lumbar puncture.


Nothing proves that procedures work as well as we say they do, except when you get results from real cases. Swiss Cell Therapy PTE in conjunction with Dr. E. Michael Molnar recently (one year ago) completed 4 such cases

The first, a 39 year old female was treated for Right Hemiparkinsonism by L- dopa Therapy without any effect. Then she came to us. An intrathecal implantation of cells of basal ganglia was performed. At the 3-month follow-up a dramatic improvement was noted. There were no tremors in the extremities, the function of right hand was normal, and gait improved. The Syndrome's effects had diminished substantially, and a second implantation was advised and carried out, 5 months after the first. After the 2nd intrathecal implantation was performed, within one month, improvement yet again was noted, tremors disappeared, gait and writing improved tremendously.

The other 3 patients with Parkinson's Syndrome all were improved as well: tremor, muscle hypertonia, mimicry, and writing, were all significantly improved.

It is advised that Parkinson's Syndrome patients, receive intrathecally cell transplants. The results are indeed very real.

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The advances in Cell Therapy are giving many a second chance at living a normal "disease free" life. But cell therapy is not just a remedy, it requires a commitment from the patient to change his/her way of life. Without this change the treated disease will most certainly spawn again. Please visit both our sections on patient preparation and the procedure and program webpages for more detailed information on what is required.

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