Treating lung disease with cell transplantation


The primary function of the lungs is blood oxygenation. Their secondary function is the maintenance of acid-base balance through regulation of CO2 concentration. Lung disease or lung disorders are divided into the following areas:

  1. Obstructive with increased resistance to the air flow in respiratory passages, and thereby limited ventilation of alveoli, which can be global or partial, leading to disruption of distribution of air flow. Bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis are classical examples
  2. Restrictive with reduction of diffusion area due to loss of functioning lung tissue.
  3. With impaired perfusion due to restrictive, obstructive and circulatory disorders, where despite adequate oxygenation and removal of CO2 from blood in alveoli, there are still decreased concentration of gases in blood, and circulatory overload with serious consequences for the right heart.
  4. With impaired diffusion due to an increased diffusion distance with lung edema, where increased intravascular pressure leads to exsudation of plasma into lung interstitium and eventually into alveoli, or in pneumonia where edema and increased production of fibrotic tissue causes thickening of septa between alveoli and blood capillaries, or in pneumonia fibrosis where fibrotic tissue pushes capillaries away from alveoli, or in reduction of diffusion area such as in atelectasis or pulmonary infarct.
  5. Those caused by malfunction of regulatory neurons in respiratory center, as well as motoneurons, nerves, neuromuscular synapses and respiratory muscles.


Bronchial asthma is due to the allergy of inhaled antigens, i.e. pollen, which causes inflammation of bronchial mucosa with subsequent release of histamine of bronchial mucosa with subsequent release of histamine and SRS-A, slow reacting substances of anaphylaxis, that bring about contraction of bronchial muscles, mucus secretion, and increased permeability of blood vessels causing edema. Microorganisms in the mucus become antigens as well, and bronchial asthma turns in chronic bronchitis


Many consider bronchial asthma a contraindication for cell transplantation, but of all the lung diseases we have treated it has been one of the most frequently treated diseases by cell transplantation. It should also be said that the treatment havs a very high success rate around 84%.


A 65 year old female suffered from bronchial asthma for over 20 years due to allergies to dust and various kinds of grass. She got worse in the spring and fall when she developed attacks of bronchitis with fever. Five years before this report she developed attacks of bronchitis for the first time. Laboratory testing proved her allergies as well as immune deficiency. She was hospitalized and treated using tradition medical standards as required. Her condition failed to improve over a 21 months period.

As is always the case failure, of standard medical treatment, lead the patient to seek an alternative therapy. She came to us. A cell transplantation of mesenchyme, lungs, adrenal cortex, diencephalon, and thymus, was carried out. During 3 years of follow-ups she has not had a single asthma attack, her immune-globulins, including IgE, were within normal limits, and other tests indicated no humeral or cellular immune deficiency.


Emphysema is a classical example, where along with reduced diffusion area, there is also a reduced count and increased volume of alveoli. Centrilobular emphysema is brought on by obstructive lung disorders, while in panlobular emphysema there is a loss of interalveolar septa as well.


Primary atrophic, or senile, emphysema has been treated with success using cell transplantation of placenta, lung, mesenchyme, liver thymus, hypothalamus, and cardiomyoblasts if cor pulmonale is present.


Overall, lung diseases and lung disorders, as far as Swiss Cell Therapy PTE is concerned can be treated, with a fairly high success rate, with cell transplantation, but for reasons unknown the medical community has not welcomed this treatment.

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Swiss Cell Therapy has put together an incredible program for clients in search of medical treatment for diseases that are deemed untreatable or for which conventional treatment no longer has any effect. For more information on what diseases we are referring to please visit our treatments page.

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The advances in Cell Therapy are giving many a second chance at living a normal "disease free" life. But cell therapy is not just a remedy, it requires a commitment from the patient to change his/her way of life. Without this change the treated disease will most certainly spawn again. Please visit both our sections on patient preparation and the procedure and program webpages for more detailed information on what is required.

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