Treating Autism with stem cell transplantation


Approximately one out of 50 newborns has a serious congenital disease, one out of 100 a single gene disorder, and one out of 200 a chromosomal abnormality. Approximately 30% of hospitalization of children is due to prenatal conditions, most of them genetic. Approximately 33% of perinatal mortality is due to genetic causes: in 30% of cases the cause is direct, while in 45% indirect. An official website of the government of the British Columbia shows that at the age of 25 at least one out of 20 individuals suffers from a serious disease due to a dominant genetic cause, and as many as 60% of people will suffer of a serious disease due to a dominant genetic cause during their lifetime.

With rare exceptions, the genetic diseases have no treatment. The prenatal and early postnatal diagnosis can, in some diseases, prevent damage due to faulty genes by giving an opportunity to institute preventive measures soon after birth. In all instances where such diagnostic measures are not available yet, the future of such patient entirely depends on cell transplantation.


There is an experience in clinical treatment by using cell transplantation in some diseases, but frequently not at all, particularly in very rare genetic diseases. Since animal models for 99.9% of genetic diseases do not exist, and the value of such models for evaluation of cell transplantation has always been suspect, there is only one way to handle such patients: propose to the parents or guardians to treat the patient once by using cell transplantation. As a side note, Swiss Cell Therapy PTE has had enormous sucess treating Austism with cell transplantation


Since cell transplantation is safer than taking aspirin, providing that cell transplants were prepared lege artis , such an approach is not harmful to the patient. If there is no response, then cell transplantation is not repeated. If there is a positive response, then cell transplantation is carried out every 3 to 4 months.

Every genetic disease is potentially treatable by cell transplantation. The problem is the selection of cell transplants to be used for treatment of patients with very rare diseases, where current medicine has too few or no data available. The more is known about the genetic disease, and the earlier after birth the cell transplantation treatment begins, the greater is the chance of success. At this moment the problem is a lack of education of parents of handicapped children, which results in the delayed start of the therapy.

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Swiss Cell Therapy has put together an incredible program for clients in search of medical treatment for diseases that are deemed untreatable or for which conventional treatment no longer has any effect. For more information on what diseases we are referring to please visit our treatments page.

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The advances in Cell Therapy are giving many a second chance at living a normal "disease free" life. But cell therapy is not just a remedy, it requires a commitment from the patient to change his/her way of life. Without this change the treated disease will most certainly spawn again. Please visit both our sections on patient preparation and the procedure and program webpages for more detailed information on what is required.

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Published Paper - Fraud in stem cell transplantation

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