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Before cell treatment can be started it is imperative that the patient understands and complies with the information supplied in the section patient preparation. This section determines how our entire treatment procedure starts.


Standard precautions must be used for the care of patients, e.g. appropriate hand washing, use of barrier precautions, care in the use and disposal of needles and other sharp instruments, proper procedures for handling and disinfection/sterilization of medical instruments and disposal of potentially infectious waste in order to minimize transmission of nosocomial pathogens or possible xenogeneic infections. No additional infection control or isolation precautions have to be employed in view of lack of transmission of xenogeneic infections in many years of our clinical experience and since no immunosuppression is used.


Before cell transplantation a patient must:

  • for at least 3 days prior to the transplantation, slow down and lead a 'regular' healthy lifestyle, without overwork, parties, excessive physical activity, etc., as acute exhaustion is a contraindication to this form of treatment
  • during the last 7 days prior to the transplantation , 'detoxify' the organism: avoid any alcohol and 'street drugs', minimize smoking, avoid intake of any non-essential drugs and medications, increase the intake of water (particularly during the last 24 hours)
  • during the last 4 weeks prior to the transplantation, 'regularize' the function of the digestive system, that is the greatest source of toxins for most sedentary people with gastrointestinal malfunctions: increase the un-cooked fiber in diet, increase the proportion of high carbohydrates in diet up to 60%, if necessary use digestive enzymes, bacterial symbionts, etc., and if constipated, use laxatives, (enema 48 hours prior to the treatment is strongly advised to those chronically constipated)
  • during the 4 weeks prior to the transplantation, use the high potency multi-vitamins/minerals
  • during the 4 weeks prior to the transplantation, avoid any vaccination or serum therapy
  • during the last 3 days prior to the transplantation, avoid sunbathing, and any other exposure to electromagnetic energy (microwave ovens, x-rays, etc.)
  • in case of symptoms of an acute infection with a fever, such as pharyngitis, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, gastroenteririts, etc., call your treating physician immediately so that a proper treatment can be started without delay. Such an acute infection, if left untreated, would be a contraindication for transplantation, that means that cell transplants, "custom" prepared specifically for each patient, would be wasted, as the clinical efficiency of cell transplants is uncertain beyond 7 days from the release date

Besides these general instructions for certain diseases, there are additional ones for: diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies, diseases of digestive system and liver, etc. If your treating physician forgot to discuss them with you, do not hesitate to ask for them.


The patient will normally arrive at our medical center on a Sunday and that day will be spent orientating the patient to the center and its facilities.

On Monday the patient will undergo a few routine tests to ensure their condition is stable. On Tuesday the patient will see the doctor for a complete consultation.

Wednesday is procedure day. All cell treatments are prepared for the named (actually coded) patient in advance. They are implanted at the same time under the sterile conditions, mentioned above, in the minor operating room.

  • The procedure is preferably carried out in the morning.
  • The procedure is very simple. In most cases only a few injections are required.
  • The procedure does not require anesthetic
  • The procedure does not require surgery nor liposuction.
  • The procedure is usually completed in less than 1 hour


After cell transplantation

  • Swiss Cell Therapy will ensure that the patient rests for 48 hours, not necessarily in bed, sitting in a sofa or chair is adequate
  • Swiss Cell Therapy will closely monitor the condition of the patient during these critical hours
  • Swiss Cell Therapy will ensure that the patient follows religiously the schedule of post-treatment visits with the clinical staff, 24 hours after, 3 days later, and on the 7th day
  • Swiss Cell Therapy will supply the patient a coded regime for their diet and exercise
  • Swiss Cell Therapy will provide massage therapy to simulate growth hormones
  • Swiss Cell Therapy will educate the patient on the value of making life changes


After cell transplantation patients must:

  • continue with a healthy life style for at least 1 month
  • for 10 days avoid any activity, during which body temperature is raised, this means sports, intense exercise, active sex, cleaning of the garage, work in the garden, etc. should be avoided
  • avoid alcohol, 'street' drugs, intake of non-essential medications, smoking, etc., for 2 months
  • avoid exposure to electromagnetic energy (sunbathing, x-rays, etc.) for 2 months
  • use high potency multi-vitamins/minerals for at least 1 month
  • avoid any vaccination or serum therapy for 1 month
  • follow religiously the schedule of post-treatment email consultation with the clinical staff, after 1 month, then at 3 months, and at 6 months, and 9 months and finally at the 12 months interval after transplantation


In case of symptoms of acute infection with fever call your treating physician immediately, so that a proper treatment can be started without delay, as such an infection, if left untreated, during the first 6 weeks after transplantation, could jeopardize the survival of cell transplants


Besides these general instructions, there are additional ones for each patient specific to their diagnosis(es). Your treating physician will not forget to discuss these with you, but if he does please, do not hesitate to ask for them.

Information & More

Our admissions webpage contains all the information, including ball park pricing, that you will require to proceed through the first phase of the admissions process. You will also be able to check availability. Simply click admissions for more information.

If you require additional information or have questions on treatments offerred please do not hesitate to contact Swiss Cell Therapy.

Swiss Cell Therapy is looking forward to answering any and all of your concerns!

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Our world class, fully licensed medical centers, with state of the art operating rooms, are located throughout South East Asia. They are staffed by experts in the field of cellular therapy.

Our medical centers also have 5+ Star accommodations and facilities, which await our distinguished clients. Every care has been taken to ensure that our clients get the very best medical attention as well as pre and post medical care available anywhere in the world. For more information visit our medical centers webpage

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