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Cell Therapy is not a new technology. As a matter of fact it has been around for more that 75 years now. It is during the last ten or so years the public, media and a segment of physicians have come to recognize the effectiveness of cell therapy.


BUT, as anything that is good and finally brought to the public light, a group or two of unscrupulous characters will pop up and shortcut research, training, dilute information and procedure, lie, cheat and finally victimize people who are suffering with disease. These are the FRAUDS of the medical community and the medical industry and as a result good research, and great treatments get a bad name. Get Dr. E Michael Molnar's paper Fraud in Stem Cell Transplantation here.


Swiss Cell Therapy PTE is founded on solid medical principles and research. Its is well rooted by doctors who have spent a great deal of their lives learning, experimenting, researching and practicing their trade with professionalism. Swiss Cell Therapy PTE has done everything in its power to present a clear picture on this website of how effective cell transplantation can be. Our only interest is the health and well being of the life that is entrusted to us.


How does it work? Cell Therapy (CT) is a procedure in which an implantation of cells containing live tissue fragments of different organs and tissues are transplanted into the body to treat certain types of diseases.


Over the last 75 years more than 5 million patients have been successfully treated throughout Europe and primarily in Germany and Switzerland by various types of cell transplantation's and of those an estimated 800,000 have been treated with cells containing fresh cell transplants.

Swiss Cell Therapy PTE will attempt to inform you on the merits of our treatments. For now we offer you more detailed information and facts on cell therapy.

Swiss Cell Therapy providing options for untreatable diseases
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Swiss Cell Therapy has put together an incredible program for clients in search of medical treatment for diseases that are deemed untreatable or for which conventional treatment no longer has any effect. For more information on what diseases we are referring to please visit our treatments page.

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The advances in Cell Therapy are giving many a second chance at living a normal "disease free" life. But cell therapy is not just a remedy, it requires a commitment from the patient to change his/her way of life. Without this change the treated disease will most certainly spawn again. Please visit both our sections on patient preparation and the procedure and program webpages for more detailed information on what is required.

Information & More

Our admissions webpage contains all the information, including ball park pricing, that you will require to proceed through the first phase of the admissions process. You will also be able to check availability. Simply click admissions for more information.

If you require additional information or have questions on treatments offerred please do not hesitate to contact Swiss Cell Therapy.

Swiss Cell Therapy is looking forward to answering any and all of your concerns!

World Class & State-Of-The-Art

Our world class, fully licensed medical centers, with state of the art operating rooms, are located throughout South East Asia. They are staffed by experts in the field of cellular therapy.

Our medical centers also have 5+ Star accommodations and facilities, which await our distinguished clients. Every care has been taken to ensure that our clients get the very best medical attention as well as pre and post medical care available anywhere in the world. For more information visit our medical centers webpage

Welcome To Swiss Cell Therapy

Published Paper - Fraud in stem cell transplantation

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Treatment: Diabetes Type I
Client: J.T.  --  USA
"I was on expensive drugs which had nasty side effects. I just needed to try something different. Then I came across Swiss Cell Therapy"
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Treatment: Anti-Aging
Client: A.G.  --  Thailand
"Was skeptical at first but was soon put to ease as I read more about the treatment. Needless to say I feel 10 years younger and look it too!"
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